All Saints’ Episcopal Preschool

All Saints’ Episcopal Preschool is a ministry of All Saints’ Episcopal Church. The Preschool serves children ages six months to 5K Kindergarten. Our program operates during the school year from 9:00 am -1:00 pm Monday through Friday. A summer program is offered during the months of June and July. Our mission is to provide a positive, nurturing, Christ-centered educational environment using developmentally appropriate activities to encourage each child to reach his or her fullest potential. With 164 children enrolled in the program and 29 teachers on staff we have a world of opportunities to reach and teach these children on a daily basis.

All Saints’ Preschool is a vibrant Christian community. Our teachers actively look for ways to reflect on God’s goodness throughout the day. Chapel services with stories that demonstrate God’s love, prayers, and song are held weekly for students age three and older. Children enrolled in the three, four and five years old program are offered Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which is a Montessori based program that tells stories of God’s love. Through the use of concrete materials children explore the meaning of Bible stories in their lives. Trained Catechists from All Saints’ Episcopal Children’s Formation work with these children weekly.

For more information about our preschool program, including availability, schedules, and information please contact Bebe Hardin, Director by phone at (205) 879-2943 or by email at

2017 Calendar


January 23                                           Registration for 2017 – 2018 School Year

January 26                                           Registration opens for All Saints’ Episcopal Church Parishioners

January 30                                           Registration opens for the general public

February 20                                         President’s Day/Preschool Closed

March 6                                               Summer Registration

March 27 – 31                                    Preschool Closed/Spring Holidays

April 14                                               Preschool Closed/Good Friday

April 17                                               Preschool Closed/Easter Monday

May 5                                                  Mother’s Day Celebration

May 17                                                Graduation Program/Last Day of Preschool

Open Registration for the 2017-18 School Year is January 30th, 2017 

Tuition is an annual fee. Tuition can be paid yearly, by the semester or it can be divided into 10 equal payments and paid monthly.  Tuition paid by the year will receive a 3% discount. Tuition paid by the semester will receive a 2% discount. Additionally, one sibling per family (the youngest sibling) will receive a 10% discount. Below is a list of tuition fees for one child:

Class Days Enrolled Monthly Semester w/discount Year w/ discount
Infants – 2K M-F $375.00 $1837.50 $3637.50
  MWF $260.00 $1274.00 $2522.00
  T/TH $200.00 $980.00 $1940.00
3K M-F $350.00 $1715.00 $3395.00
  MWF $260.00 $1274.00 $2522.00
  T/TH $200.00 $980.00 $1940.00
4K M-F $350.00 $1715.00 $3395.00
  MWF $260.00 $1274.00 $2522.00
5K M-F $375.00 $1837.50 $3637.50

Registration Fees
An annual, non-refundable registration/security fee is due at the time of registration. These fees can be paid via check or electronically.  This fee secures your child’s enrollment in the preschool and the amount is determined upon the number of days for which your child is enrolled. The registration/security fee for the first child is: M-F: $375, MWF: $275, T/TH: $225. The registration/security fee for each additional child is: M-F: $350, MWF: $250, T/TH: $200. The only time this fee is refundable is if the family moves outside of Jefferson County.

Registration for the 2017 Summer Program Begins March 6, 2017

2017 Summer Program Dates

June 5 – 9

June 12 – 16

June 19 – 23

July 12 – 16

July 19 – 23

July 26 -30