Update on Stewardship

2017 Stewardship

Dear Friends:

I want to share our progress toward our annual stewardship goal of $1,200,000. Thus far we have 227 pledges for $994,000.  Last year we operated on 264 pledges for $1,021,000. If our ministries are funded at last year’s levels for 2017, without additional revenue, we are facing a $63,000 shortfall.  The costs driving our shortfall are primarily increases in insurance costs for facilities and staff .

In 2011, we faced this same budget challenge, and asked families to think about giving an additional $10 per week ($40 a month, or $560 a year) to All Saints.  Eighty families agreed to help, and we raised $45,000, which managed our shortfall that year.  The “10/40” campaign reminded us again how every gift, big or small, is necessary and vital.

How can you help?

Please consider pledging $10 per week/ $40 per month, or if you currently pledge, adding that amount to your existing pledge. If you have not pledged before, please prayerfully consider doing so.

Once again, we thank you for your faithful support.  Our life together is about loving and serving in God’s name.  Please continue to pray that all we offer at All Saints will be to the glory of God in Christ our Lord.

Blessings, Glenda+

2017 Pledge to All Saints’ Episcopal Church

In grateful recognition that all my/our time, treasure, and ability comes from God, I/we gladly pledge my/our support of All Saints for 2017.

I/we gladly pledge my/our support of All Saints in the amount of

in the amount of $ for 2017
Would like to add to our current pledge,

in the amount of $ for 2017
Would like to add $10 per week/$40 per month

to our pledge, in the amount of $560 annually.
Do not wish to pledge this year.
It is very helpful to us if you let us know this. Please contact Glenda if you would like to discuss this with her at 205-879-8652, or gcurry@allsaintsbirmingham.org.)
Will make our pledge payments through the All Saints’ website (www.allsaintsbirmingham.org).Would like to make our pledge payments by automatic deduction from a checking or savings account; please email the form needed to sign up for e-giving.Do not wish to pledge, but would like to give a one-time gift to All Saints in the amount of:
First Name:
Last Name:
(Email address will not be shown to the public.)
Postal Code:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Weekly $
Monthly $
Quarterly $
Annually $

A copy of this form will be sent to you by email for your records.

Did you know you can pay your pledge online?

The sign-up process is simple:

  • For E-Giving, click on the “Donate to All Saints button and follow the online instructions.
  • You can also download an Electronic Giving Authorization form, fill it out and return to Teresa Mason in the Financial Administration office. Paper enrollment forms are also available at the church.
  • For Direct Deposit, contact whoever does payroll at your workplace.
  • For Online Bill Pay, go to your bank website or visit your local branch.

If you have more questions, please contact:

All Saints Rector: The Rev, Glenda Curry, 205.879.8652, gcurry@allsaintsbirmingham.org


All Saints Financial Administrator: Teresa Mason, 205.769.3184, tmason@allsaintsbirmingham.org


Thank You! Your continued generous giving to God through All Saints is deeply appreciated.