Worship Committee

The Worship Committee serves as an advisory body to the Rector in matters of worship including scheduling and style of worship, worship space, recruitment and training of special ministers of worship and the assistance of parish education regarding worship services. The purpose of the committee is to ensure that the worship experience flows smoothly and is meaningful for parishioners. Ministries include Acolytes, Adult Choir, Altar Guild, Baptism Committee, Children’s Choir, Flower Guild, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Guitarists and Song Leaders, Ushers, and Wedding Guild, Wednesday Morning Prayer Group.

How to get involved:
… Participate as a leader in any of the groups that are part of this committee

Contact: Janet Givhan,  givh5922@bellsouth.net

Clergy contact: The Rev. Glenda Curry, gcurry@allsaintsbirmingham.org, 879-8652

Acolytes & Crucifers

This ministry is composed of children and youth who serve as torch bearers/crucifers, and adults who serve as Acolyte Masters. The torch bearers are in grades 4th through 8th and serve approximately once a month. Crucifers are in grades 8th-12th and also are scheduled to serve once a month.

How to get involved:
… Come to a 30-minute training session
… Be willing to serve once a month
… As an adult, be responsible for making a reminder call to scheduled acolytes and crucifers, and making sure they are in place Sunday morning. Each adult serves once a month.

Contact: Haden Ridlehoover, haden@aol.com

Altar Guild

Altar guilds are groups of men and women who are called to serve God by preparing and tending to the places where Episcopalians worship. The group prepares the altar for worship at the Eucharist, and for weddings and funerals, and cleans up after each service. Members of the Altar Guild serve on teams, with each team responsible for one Sunday per month.

How to get involved:
… Join a team and serve one Sunday per month
… Each team comes to the church on Saturday morning for an hour to prepare the church for Sunday services
… Additional commitment may be requested for Easter and Christmas services
… Serve at a wedding or funeral

Contact: Martha Bains, Martha_bains@yahoo.com

Baptismal Guild

This group of women and men facilitates the baptism of children and adults at All Saints’. Some people are involved in the physical making of the baptismal banners while others host on the day of baptism itself. We always need
people to help out with baptisms.

How to get involved:
… Prepare banners
… Greet and support the families of those being baptized.

Contact: Janet Givhan,  givh5922@bellsouth.net

Flower Guild

Members of the Flower Guild are responsible for creating the altar flowers on Sundays when no one has signed up for a flower memorial. Not only do the flowers add beauty to the church, each designer reads the lectionary readings and – when possible – creates designs that artistically interpret the readings, using home-grown and wild flowers as often as possible. Designers work individually or as a team approximately every six weeks. New designers are
always welcome.

How to get involved:
… Join a team and serve approximately every six weeks
… Grow flowers for the arrangements
… No experience necessary!

Contact: Suzanne Graves,  suzannegraves@bellsouth.net

Flower Memorials

To contribute the altar flowers as a memorial to loved ones, sign up on the
calendar posted immediately to your left as you enter Ebaugh Hall (where the church offices are). Flower Memorials are $100 and are designed by a local professional florist. They may be designated in honor of, in memory of, or in thanksgiving for someone. Your designated memorial will be included in that week’s bulletin.

How to get involved:
… Sign up to contribute altar flowers

Contact: Suzanne Graves,  suzannegraves@bellsouth.net


A lector is a lay person who is appointed to read the lessons that precede the Gospel, to lead the reading of the psalm, and to lead the Prayers of the People. The role of the lector is among the oldest of the liturgical lay ministries.

How to get involved:
… Serve at one Sunday service per month
… Be willing to serve on the 5th Sunday (4 times per year)

Contact: Bert Jordan, bjordan@wallacejordan.com


A Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) is a lay person who is trained by clergy and licensed by the bishop to administer the chalice during Holy Communion and to bring the reserved sacrament to people in hospitals and nursing homes immediately after the service.

How to get involved:
… Serve as a LEM once a month or at the 5th Sunday services
… Serve at funerals or weddings as needed
… Take the reserved sacrament to those unable to attend church immediately after a service

Contact: Bert Jordan, bjordan@wallacejordan.com

Music – Adult Choir

The adult choir sings at the 11:00 service on Sundays (September through June) and rehearses Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 8:45 (September through May). The choir loves to sing together, enjoy fellowship together, and most importantly serve God together. We are made up of and welcome a wide range of musical abilities. We sing a broad spectrum of beautiful traditional church music anthems and also include an occasional Choral Evensong and major work with orchestra during the year. We begin each year with a choir retreat held at Camp McDowell in late August. We end our year with our annual choir bbq, which serves as a fundraiser for the music fund and also provides a parish-wide event.

How to get involved:
… Come to choir practice, which is held Wednesday evening from 6:45-8:45 p.m.
… Sing with the choir at the 11:00 service
… Contribute to the music fund, which is used to provide additional instruments for services, to purchase choral anthems for the church year, and to fund special musical offerings.

Contact: Melanie Couch, 769-3187, mcouch@allsaintsbirmingham.org

Music – Choir Programs for Children and Youth

Do you have a child who loves music?  All children age three and up are invited to serve God in His church by offering special music for some of our services throughout the year.

Music – Little Lambs

The Little Lambs is a class for parents and children (ages “walking one” through three) that meet to make music together. We will experience the basic building blocks of music through songs that explore and reflect our Christian faith. We will play simple instruments, dance, and have FUN! There are two options for this group—Wednesdays from 5:00-5:30 p.m. or Sundays from 10:15-10:45 a.m. in the children’s choir room. Please contact Maggie Gill with your preferred class time as space is limited to 12 children in each class.

Music – Good Shepherd Choir

The Good Shepherd Choir is for children four years old through first grade and meets Wednesday evenings from 5:45-6:15 p.m. in the children’s choir room. During this time we will joyfully sing and dance as we learn new songs, with a focus on a love of music and an introduction to participation in worship through music.  Children will enjoy simple instrument play, movement, correct singing technique, and will work toward basic music competence. The children will sing choral introits before the 11:00 service a few times a year, as well as present special music for the Advent Lessons and Carols service in December and participate in a concert or musical in the spring.

Music – Children’s Choir

The All Saints’ Children’s Choir is for boys and girls in grades 2-6 and meets Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:15 p.m. in the children’s choir room. We will sing more challenging pieces, focusing on good technique and basic musicianship skills.  The Children’s Choir sings about one Sunday a month during the school year, and they will present special music for the Advent Lessons and Carols service in December and participate in a concert or musical in the spring.

Music – Youth Choir

The All Saints’ Youth Choir is open to boys and girls ages 11 and up (by Sept. 1).  This group will meet in the children’s choir room on Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:00 p.m.  Building on previously learned skills, this group will sing more difficult pieces, but all singers are welcome regardless of experience.  The Youth Choir will sing throughout the year at various services and outings, including a special Taizé service in November, Advent Lessons and Carols service in December, a birthday party at Episcopal Place in March, and a musical or concert in May.

Music – Instrumental Ensemble

This offering is open to all children ages 9 and up (by Sept. 1), and meets Wednesdays from 7:00-7:45 in the children’s choir room.  We will learn to enhance our worship music through playing Orff instruments (xylophones), percussion, hand bells, and recorders.  No previous experience is necessary, but ability to read music is helpful.  Come make a joyful noise!

Contact: Susie Youngson, syoungson@bellsouth.net and Associate for Music and Children’s Choirs, Maggie Gill,  Maggie.e.gill@gmail.com

Music – 5:30 Musicians

Musicians and vocalists provide music in support of the 5:30 p.m. service on Sundays. The 5:30 musicians need additional instrumentalists or vocalists to play or lead singing one Sunday a month. Volunteers have the opportunity to join existing teams of experienced musicians or to form a new group.

How to get involved:
… Serve one Sunday a month at the 5:30 service, either by leading singing or playing an instrument
… Come to church 45 minutes prior to the service to practice the music to be played

Contact: Melanie Couch, 769-3187, mcouch@allsaintsbirmingham.org


Ushers have a number of important duties related to the worship service: to hand out service bulletins to arriving parishioners and guests; to assist in the collection of the offering; and to present the elements of bread and wine. In addition, ushers are asked to count the members present and to straighten up after each service. They also serve at funerals. All parishioners are welcome to serve as ushers at one of the four weekly services.

How to get involved:
… Serve at one Sunday service per month, or be willing to serve on the 5th Sunday (4 times per year)
… Serve as an usher at funerals or on a as-needed basis

Contact: Janet Guest, janet.guest@att.net

Wedding Guild

The Wedding Guild provides the ministry of hospitality to the bride and groom and their families and friends by coordinating preparations for the wedding at All Saints’. After the initial meeting with clergy and confirmation of the date, the parish coordinator will contact the Wedding Guild Coordinator. A member of the Guild will meet with the bride or family member after the wedding date has been set. Guild assistance includes guidance in the  selection and placement of altar flowers and other floral arrangements, assisting the clergy at the wedding rehearsal, being available to the bridal party before and during the wedding, and providing refreshments on the wedding day during photo sessions. No outside coordinators or consultants are permitted.

How to get involved:
… Assist the clergy at the wedding rehearsal and wedding
… Be available before the wedding to help direct the wedding party to appropriate dressing areas
… Provide refreshments for the wedding party on the wedding day:
refreshments are paid for by the Wedding Guild, volunteers are needed to arrange, replenish, and clean up afterwards
… Direct the wedding party during the wedding

Contact: Nancy Terrell, nanduke@bellsouth.net

Wednesday Morning Prayer Breakfast

At 7:00 a.m. each Wednesday morning, Morning Prayer Rite II is celebrated in the Jackson-Thorpe room. After the service is completed, breakfast is provided in turn by one of the celebrants. Good fellowship always accompanies a good breakfast. The group breaks at 8:00 a.m. so that non-retirees can get to work
on time.

How to get involved:
… Come worship with us
… Lead prayer one morning, or provide breakfast for the group

Contact: Butch Williams, 871-4239