Youth Ministries

Youth kick off

To help with our youth program contact: Youth Ministers Kristin Blackerby, 769-3183,, and Doss Cleveland, (256) 483-3881,


The youth ministry of All Saints’ Episcopal Church exists to engage and nurture the youth and their community by creating a culture of growth, service and acceptance in which they cultivate a life-long relationship with God. We do this by offering substantive programming that addresses the spiritual and developmental needs of our parish’s youth.

Sunday Morning Classes

When: 10:00-10:45 a.m., Youth Rooms 1 and 2

Youth Sunday school classes will not meet September 4 (Labor Day week- end). The final class of the semester will be December 11.

We know it’s hard to pull sleepy teenagers out of bed on Sunday mornings, which is why we try hard to offer Sunday morning programs for our youth that they will want to participate in. Our youth take part in Rite-13 and Confirmation in 7th and 8th grades, while the 9th-12th graders use a curriculum called TeenText. Classes are designed to meet their spiritual and emotional needs while encouraging a deeper understanding of theological and traditional values.  From Bible study to playful activities, these classes are definitely worth waking up for!

How to get involved:
* Provide snacks for breakfast


Rite 13 Retreat

The 7th graders celebrate a special Rite-13 Liturgy loosely based on the Jewish bar/bat mitzvah tradition. This Rite of Passage includes a weekend retreat, rehearsal dinner and a special service where our entire congregation comes together to honor our young people and offer support to their families during these challenging years.

How to get involved:
* Provide meals or snacks for the retreat

* Help with the rehearsal dinner


Youth Committee/Sponsors

The youth committee serves in a support role for the entire youth program. Anyone interested in helping our youth is welcome to join the committee.

How to get involved:
* The group meets occasionally with Kristin and Doss to brainstorm program ideas and ways to support and help strengthen our youth program.
* Become a youth advisor (note: advisors who chaperone youth or attend any overnight trips are required to take the Diocesan “Safeguarding God’s Children” sexual misconduct class)
* Make a donation to the youth fund
* Prepare a meal for the youth, or bring snacks (this group eats more than any other group at All Saints’!)
* Help with youth Outreach projects