December 6, 2021


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Exterior Door Buyers Guide

A new exterior door will give your home a fresh look. Discover the pros and cons of different styles and materials to choose the most suitable option.

Entry Door Features

Adjustable Threshold

This makes the door weather-tight. Otherwise, rain and drafts will eventually get in.


Glass inserts are attractive but they reduce energy efficiency. If they are positioned near the doorknob, get a double-cylinder deadbolt lock. 

Energy Efficiency

Some have more insulating value. The best materials are steel and fiberglass. 


Strong materials like steel deter intruders. Still, it is not the door itself, but the lock that matters the most. 

Noise Reduction

Certain doors decrease the level of noise coming from the outside.

Thermal Break

This includes an exterior and interior door panel with foam, fiberglass batts, or blown-in cellulose between them. This stops the transfer of heat and cold.


Inswing vs Outswing

A door may swing open toward the interior (inswing) or the exterior (outswing) of the building.


Prehung Vs. Slab Exterior Doors

The former are ready-to-install door slabs that are already hung in a frame. They are bought for an existing doorway. 

Entry Door Materials


Steel is highly resistant to swelling, contraction, or warping. It is energy-efficient and durable. Little maintenance is required.


These doors are energy-efficient and great for extreme climates or high-traffic spots. The warranties are the longest. The texture can imitate real wood. 


These may be stained or painted, and they are always heavy. Wood creates a conventional warm look. Best for shaded or more protected areas. 

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is the cheapest option. However, it does not rust and allows easy maintenance. 

Wrought Iron

This is one of the sturdiest, safest, and most secure options. Such doors are pricey and very heavy. 


Interior Door Functionality

Front Doors

These come in a wide range of styles and can be made from different materials. Most entry doors today perform equally well.

Patio Exterior Doors

These provide access to your deck or patio. They range from 5 to 13 feet in size. There is a broad choice of designs and configurations. 

French Patio Doors

These can be made of steel, fiberglass, or the same materials as sliding glass doors. They may be left- or right-handed, and have brickmould stops in the center.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

These are commonly made of wood, vinyl, clad-wood, or aluminum combined with a big window. 

Storm Doors

These doors protect exterior doors from the elements and provide ventilation. They are commonly sold as pre-hung doors in kits. The range includes screen and glass panels.

Single Doors

These are suitable for smaller homes without large entrance hall space. 

Double Doors

The two doors operate independently: one of them is secondary.