November 30, 2023


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Patio Doors Buying Guide

Patio doors, whether hinged or sliding, can create a special ambiance and provide a smooth transition from the interior to the exterior. 


Take precise measurements of the space you want to fill. The standard size of a two-panel patio door is 6’8 x 6. Some models come in 5×8 and 8×8 variations. 

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Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding door consists of two or more panels.

Accordion-style Patio Doors

These doors can open up an entire side of a room to the patio. These are glass doors covering the length of the wall when closed. 

Bi-Folding Patio Doors

On either side of the patio door, there are two, complementary glass door panels. This expands the patio area and the view. 

Hinged Swinging Patio Doors

These are traditional doors that open front-to-back. They create a tight seal that protects against drafts and winds. French doors are a common example. 


Frame Material

The frame must withstand the elements. Vinyl has the best thermal performance. Besides, sashes and frames never need repainting. 


Door Slab Material


This material will not flake, fade, or rot. It is energy-efficient. Little maintenance is required.


Natural wood has a unique pattern. Grains, notches, and an uneven color create a variety of options. 


This material can imitate the look and feel of wood, but it is more durable and easier to maintain. Fiberglass does not peel, warp, and is resistant to physical impact. 


This metal will not rust, is resistant to mildew, and performs well across the board. Aluminum is affordable but very durable.


Steel requires little maintenance. Steel doors are strong, secure, energy-efficient, and durable. They do not warp or shrink.


Patio Door Configuration


Glass panels provide an expansive view and let natural light inside. The entry space is lighter, warmer, and cozier. To ensure privacy, consider using frosted, tinted, or stained glass. Flashing prevents leakage. 

Energy Efficiency

Doors have different insulating properties depending on the material. For example, wood is less efficient than steel or fiberglass. 


If hinges are unexposed, and locks are strong, you will feel secure. You may also get an alarm system and install an auxiliary lock. 

Noise Reduction

Depending on the material, some doors reduce the level of noise coming from the outside. They are appropriate for noisy areas.

Thermal Break

Doors with thermal breaks contain three layers: two panels and an interlayer. 


Patio doors last 30 years on average. Trusted manufacturers provide warranties that cover decades. 

Prehung Vs. Slab Patio Doors

Pre-hung doors arrive in a pre-installed condition. They are bought for houses with existing doorways. Slab doors may come with hinges or holes for compatible hardware.